If you traveled to this page, then I can safely assume you are curious about essential oils. Maybe your friends can’t say enough wonderful things about them, or you have decided to begin to live a cleaner, less stressful life by removing harmful toxins from your body and chemicals from your home/office environment. Maybe your inquisitive mind just can’t believe all of the recent “fuss” about oils. Whatever the reason, I’m so pleased you chose my website!

For most of my life, I have sought after the highest quality in the foods I eat, my daily H2O, and my environment.  Allergies have always plagued my family, so removing artificial fragrances, mold, smoke, chemicals, etc from our immediate environment and bodies has been a huge priority for us! I consider having accessibility to fresh, organic, pesticide free foods and the ability to choose healthy alternatives, a luxury and privilege. In the long run, the extra effort is just so WORTH IT!

My deep faith and trust in God, meditation, massage, laughing and learning, and being with those I love are what make me internally happy and healthy.  However, about two years ago, I added another wonderful “gem” to my life: Young Living Essential Oils.  I had used other oils in the past but these were 100% therapeutic grade oils.  YLE’s Seed to Seal philosophy and commitment to purity, integrity, and education, blew me away. The others couldn’t compare and I could really tell the difference in just a few applications!

My family, friends, and I began to find support in relieving aching muscles, respiratory,digestive, stress-related and decreased energy issues. The EO’s were supporting restful nights!  It was pure JOY.

When I discover something of value or that really works, I immediately  have to tell others about it! Before long I found myself in business as a YLE Wholesale Distributor, telling ANYONE that would listen.  It has become a true passion of mine! I LOVE hearing personal testimonials, learning from others, and witnessing how these  awesome oils have literally changed lives!

As a licensed professional counselor and co-founder of Collage Counseling Center in Farmington Hills, Michigan, I have the awesome opportunity to fulfill my desire to help others! Sharing essential oils is also another rewarding way to reach out and make a difference in someone’s life! My intention for this website is to make learning about essential oils fun and informative with lots of practical applications for your busy life style.

HOWEVER, there is NOTHING like experiencing the oils in person! Once you get a whiff of Peppermint (pure, 100% therapeutic grade), or Lemon, Lavender, Purification, Thieves…… you’ll know just what I’m talking about.

If your curiosity is piqued, I invite you to enjoy a complimentary Essential Oils 101 class in your home, or  by appointment at Collage Counseling Center in Farmington Hills. Essential Oils classes are also available for various civic and local events. Take the plunge and learn how to incorporate essential oils into your everyday lifestyle.

Let’s meet for an individual session or you can invite guests whom you think would also love to learn more about these crazy, wonderful EO’s!

You can contact me at: 313 378 7656 or Tpowerdrops@gmail.com

God Bless!